About Us

Al-Bilad Recruitment Company is a leading office, has emerged in the world of advanced labor and has acquired the advantages and characteristics of filling you with reassurance for its services and quality. Our mission is to provide our services to customers with excellence and professionalism, in accordance with the standards of international perfection of quality management, and the recruitment of skilled and trained workers, and the community partnership in the welfare of the homeland, and development Continuing our services, building partnerships and success stories with each client.


To be a national leader and excellence in building a strong relationship and providing specialized and trained human resources to the Saudi market through accredited agents abroad and a network of branches covering the different cities of the Kingdom and to be the best option.


Al-Bilad provides its customers with high-quality integrated services based on a detailed and comprehensive study of the needs of their clients. We aim to build strong partnerships between us and our customers to ensure the compatibility between the parties.


Providing the needs of the public and private sectors of qualified personnel in various professions and providing the needs of individuals (citizens) of qualified and trained domestic workers. And to mediate the termination of all formal procedures for the recruitment of labor